Rosie the Riveters in living color. The crew of the Hot Stuff was changed out due to the heavy damage it often took. "Ageless Warrior" – USS Coral Sea. "Aggie" – HMS Agamemnon. Then some nicknames are so iconic that ‘next generation’ of planes adopt them as their own. Fighter pilots are perhaps the deadliest yet most detached warriors to ever engage in battle. The machine that made the first successful flight in a heavier-than-air powered aircraft may be the most important airplane of all time. Why famous? WW2live is a division of Yourwhislist E-commerce, S.L. Bell P-39 Airacobra. is that little corner on the web where we share pictures, post interesting facts and unabashedly share our passion for all things aviation. Heinkel HD23. Suicide is considered a criminal act in most societies, but suicide for honor has been traditional in the Japanese culture. Boeing P-26 Pea Shooter. If you note any errors or omissions, please let me know by email. Oct 2, 2015 - Explore Urban Bodyworks's board "WWII Airplane Nose Art", followed by 2006 people on Pinterest. Cessna Skymaster: “Mixmaster”, Cessna 150….Cesspool One Filthy SB2C Helldiver: “Son of a B***h Second Class” Some say that the B-52 will become the first military aircraft to fly for at least 100 years. This aircraft dominated WWII skies until the P51 D was introduced. Airspeed Oxford. But the beautiful buffed metal would stick out like a sore thumb over the jungles of Vietnam. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Replica of Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero Model 22 (NX712Z) (Commemorative Air Force / American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum) One of the most famous planes of the Second World War, the Mitsubishi A6M Zero-Sen, was Japan’s best fighter and … your own Pins on Pinterest There are few things we love more than a well-named piece of military machinery, especially when it's an M1 Abrams with a particularly saucy name lovingly stenciled on … However, nothing illustrates its importance better than the fact that it is the second most produced plane ever at more than 36,000 units. Trivia Quiz - Nicknames of WWII Planes Category: WW2 Aircraft Quiz #148,282. With Japan's belief to keep the maneuverability of fighters high, so that they could out turn any American fighters, with the application of that belief to the N1K it only helped enhance it's killing abilities. Colorado Condor Charlie "I come in peace, I didn't bring artillery. There is even a possibility of upgrading the engines on the venerable bomber in the next couple of years. The B-52 earned the nickname ‘BUFF’ standing for ‘Big Ugly Fat F*ck’. All Three Dead. The Spitfire was the iconic aircraft of the Battle of Britain and became the symbol of British defiance in the air. Take it now and find out! Famous Kamikaze Pilots. The Sherman that has "First in Bastogne" written on it was called Cobra King by its crew. Nicknames bring personality to machines. Used as a fighter, fighter-bomber, night fighter, patrol, reconnaisance mount, intruder and interceptor, the Mosquito was a true multirole aircraft that Axis planes could barely keep up with. By Stephen Sherman, Aug. 2005.Updated April 16, 2012. F-18 Hornet: “Plastic Bug” Not only did the armor of this aircraft offer excellent protection, the plane was also heavily armed. Elkton. 1942. Miquel Ros, for CNN • Updated 17th August 2016. Flag images indicative of country of origin and not necessarily the primary operator. It could be that the top speed for a P-51 Mustang was “440 mph or that it had six .50 caliber machine guns”. Aerojet General X-8. share. US succession of three strategic plans for operations against the Japanese in the South-West Pacific Area with the object of seizing or otherwise neutralising the Japanese base area of Rabaul on New Britain island by securing North-East New Guinea and the central and northern islands of the Solomon islands group (summer 1942/spring 1943) Read more » In this quiz I will either give you the nickname or the number of each plane. Regimental nicknames and terms of endearment used in the military for their brethren in other branches are another matter entirely – and could become a whole separate slanging match – so we’ll save that article for another time. Return to the World War 2 Aircraft by Country Index. The B-24 bomber Hot Stuff is a victim of the confusion surrounding the planes that flew missions and the crew that was on them. Discover (and save!) All the planes are American. Behind the stealthy B-2, it is probably the most recognized bomber in the world. There are a total of 80 WW2 U.S. Field Morey, IFR Training Guru. The T-6 is named ‘Texan II’ after the original Texan that trained a whole generation of pilots, the F-35 is named ‘Lightning II’ after the original P-38 Lightning , and the C-17 takes on a third generation moniker, the ‘Globemaster III’. Common nicknames for Fighter-Planes (WWII)? Just because a pilot's name is not on this list does not mean that he was not vital to the success of the USAAF. 3. On this post we'll try give you some of the craziest weapon's nicknames that appeared throughout World War II. Tuskegee Airmen made a name for themselves on these escort missions. But then there is a third category of nicknames. Remembering the battle, remembering to them!!! Scooter, Spad, Ford, FiFi, and Willy Fudd are among the many naval aviation nicknames given to U.S. Navy aircraft over the past 100 years. T he third set of nose art photos was supplied by an email correspondent in mid 2005. Aircraft Nicknames Aardvark General Dynamics F-111 Able Dog Douglas AD Skyraider Aerobee Aerojet General X-8 All Three Dead Douglas A3D Skywarrier Aluminium Overcast Convair B-36 Peacemaker Aluminium Overcast Lockheed C-5 Galaxy Aluminium Overcast Douglas C-124 Globemaster Ambar ("Barn") Beriev MBR-2 Angel Lockheed U-2 Anushka Antonov An-2 Anushka Polikarpov Po-2 Ass-Ender … Input your search keywords and press Enter. October 1942. C-130 Hercules: “Eastern European Whisper Jet” (according to Air Force Magazine cartoonist Bob Stevens) The aircraft was already virtually obsolete. They’re too bad, too great, too weird, or the nickname you give them is too fun. In World War II, the floors of aircraft manufacturing plants were dominated by women. The login page will open in a new tab. The Shturmovik has a number of nicknames, with examples ranging from “Ilyusha” to the “flying tank.”. Cessna Citation…Slowtation. This odd feature earned the XP-54 the nickname the “Swoose Goose” after a popular song of the time. Importance of Aircraft Although World War I was the first major war that involved aircraft, it was during World War II that aircraft took on one of the most important roles of war. Photos of the disaster and the film and radio recordings are displayed time and again on television, in movies, and in books. General Dynamics F-111. Aircraft. A. ** Additions from Tim Luttrell. We are avgeeks, a ragtag group of people who live, breathe, eat, sleep and dream about aviation. By wwiibuff. The B-52 owes its infamous moniker to a bad paint job from back in Vietnam. It’s not uncommon for old pilots to say, “I remember the first time I took that Tweet up solo. We've taken into account not just kills, but also time in service, difficulty of flying conditions and the nature of their missions. Facebook. Like the Heinkel He 111, its defensive armament was weak and losses were severe. Aerobee. The 109 was one of the only true modern planes in the war; it included features such as a retractable landing gear, all-metal monocoque construction, and a closed canopy. Ones that are odd, weird, or even really snarky. 1. This thread is drifting into a collection of nicknames both of the second war and later. 20 incredible vintage planes you can still fly in. The FW 190 D-9 could reach a top speed of close to 600 mph, though is optimal airspeed was 441 mph. 2. report. Thanks in advance! A/C : Official Nickname : Unofficial Nicknames . In almost every instance, a crew member was contacted to verify or substantiate this information so that this historical record will stand as factual long after the men who flew these planes are gone. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z). US helmet - Steel Pot . Which famous WWII aircraft engine has the same name as a famous wizard? WW2 Nose Art photos of Eighth Air Force B-17s. 10 questions, rated Average. Pilot Proficiency. The Lippisch P.13a. 1941-1943. February 23, 2013, zubair, 2 Comments ‘Kamikaze’ in the Japanese language literally means ‘divine wind.’ The word was applied to the Japanese pilots who volunteered for suicide missions in the Second World War. This aircraft was light and easy to control, which made it an ideal pilot’s plane. Ok guys, I just read a post in another thread from JHEM, and he brought up a nickname that I had suprisingly never heard but gave me a good giggle. Then some nicknames are so iconic that ‘next generation’ of planes adopt them as their own. 1. 29 stunning images of fighting, defeat, victory, devastation and ruins in Monte Cassino. Yourwhislist E-Commerce, S.L. orig. With a top speed of only 380 mph (600 km/h), it’s no surprise that the War Department passed on this ugly ducking. Some battles were fought almost entirely in the air. The tanks belonged to C Company, 1st Corps Tank Battalion. The Research button on the bottom bar brings up the Search/Research box with fields for Crew Member, Aircraft Name, Serial Number, Mission Target, Crash Date, and Crash Location. But the plane itself was crewed for 31 missions in total. The First ever Documentary of the D-Day Landings. Berthier rifle (Stored before WWII, used by the second line troops in 1939) Lebel M1886/93 rifle (Stored before WWII, used by the second line troops in 1939) Mosin–Nagant rifle (Used by the Polish Armed Forces in the East) Karabinek wz. U.S. Navy Aces of WW2 F4F Wildcat and F6F Hellcat Pilots. ** Additions from Tim Luttrell. Light-, medium-, and heavy-class bombers are all included in this list as are developmental and proposed designs appearing during the war years (1939-1945). US Military Aircraft Nicknames Compiled by Richard H. Caldwell (Additions from various contributors) * Denotes a nickname used for more than one AC. The B-52 originally had a bright and shiny bare metal paint job. World War II Aircraft Designations and Names. Stunning: When a M8 Greyhound knocked out a Tiger tank during an exciting engagement in the Battle of the Bulge, The 'Tirpitz' Bunker, Never Completed, Turned Into Museum, Yes! Flag images indicative of country of origin and not necessarily the primary operator. 20 Most Famous Airplanes and Aircraft. It was a fantastic day!”. Ilyushin II-2 Shturmovik. Huff-Daland XB-1 Super Cyclops . Piper Tomahawk….Traumahawk World War II Aircraft . Addthis Share Tools. Why famous? The biplane aircraft, designed and built by the pioneering Wright brothers, is at the forefront of aviation history, performing the world’s first ever powered flight in 1903 over North Carolina, USA. From Kamikaze fighters to victory gardens, how much do you really remember? Enter a comma separated list of user names. For many aviation buffs, the name of an airplane is all that is needed to conjure up images of an era, a design, or historical significance. The following list of names explains how many of the B-17 planes of the 452nd Bomb Group based at Deopham Green, England during WWII obtained their names. by Alex Q. Arbuckle. save. Soldiers, sailosr and aviators are an inventive lot & often come up with amusing, even witty nick-names for weapons and stuff (artillery, tanks, planes, ships, ...) They are cool names for military equipment. Sep 23, 2011 - This Pin was discovered by Kevin Smith. And the B-52 has stuck around too. Boeing YB-9 Death Angel. Horch Typ 40 901 from 1943, Horch, Horch typ 40, 1940 Stoewer Einheits PKW Typ 40, Stoewer, Stoewer typ 40, Stoewer PKW. "Abe" – USS Abraham Lincoln' Abraham Lincoln is often informally referred to as "Abe" or "Stink'n Lincoln". Interesting Information: The Merlin engine was made by Rolls-Royce and was used in The Spitfire, the Hurricane, Lancaster and the Mosquito. Play as a Timed Quiz Faster you answer, more points you get! Douglas AD Skyraider. INSTANT ARTICLES; WORLD WAR II; Sep 7, 2018 Andrew Knighton, Guest Author. This list of military aircraft of the United States includes prototype, pre-production, and operational types. Any context to the nickname would be great as well (e.g "it was named x because it looked like/performed like"). There were three planes with this name in the 452nd Bomb Group: Ain’t Miss Behaven (#42-97864); Ain’t Miss Behaven II (#42-102541); Ain’t Miss Behaven III (#42-31368). Bomber Aircraft (1941-1945) in the Military Factory. Take your time. I haven't seen any pictures of "China Gal" but here are some others. Keeping the enemy away from the bombers helped win the war - no doubt. Able Dog. Detailed notes on these pictures (name, serial number, Bomb Group & Squadron, notes) in this Word document.The notes are extensive, showing the type of aircraft (e.g. Most Famous Japanese Plane of WWII – 15 Facts About the Mitsubishi Zero. A History of WW2 in 25 Airplanes M ustangs, Mitchells, Catalinas, Liberators, Corsairs. I don't remember the allies having scary sounding nicknames for enemy planes but some members may point some out. Bf 109 fighter (Germany) The Bayerische Flugzeugwerke 109, also called Me 109, was Nazi Germany’s most important fighter aircraft, both in operational importance and in numbers produced. By Stephen Sherman, Aug. 2005.Updated April 16, 2012. One of the not-so famous WW2 aircraft used by the Imperial Japanese Navy was the Aichi M6A Seiran. More Photos. Enjoy with them!! hide. Can You Identify These WWII Planes?