Utilizando tecnología avanzada, Benjamin Moore ha creado la próxima generación de superiores tintes al agua para exteriores. Best Deck Stain and Sealer 2020 4.8/5 (13). The solid color stain is the most opaque of the finishes available on the Arborcoat line, hence giving you the look of a painted surface. Choose from several opacities—translucent, semi-transparent, semi-solid and solid. Stain Color. Each opacity offers a level of color that reveals more or less of the wood. I’m over 100 hours in stripping and sanding. We have lived in the home 4 years this summer. Yes, and it wore/peeled but not as bad as the acrylic. Exterior wood stains formulated to provide a durable, mildew-resistant coating that will enhance the beauty and appearance of wood substrates. Couldn’t believe it! By September 2017 the stain was getting mold spores and appeared some of the stain was coming off (blotchy). © 2020 Benjamin Moore & Co., Limited. this product streaked. I went to my Benjamin Moore store, where they told me they had an identical product in oil base. While the majority of comments and user experiences reported are negative,  the application is definitely a factor in results. Seems like there are so many cons to Arborcoat . VER POOR product & we love BM. I apply all my stains at dusk and it cures just great after all night to dry. We are going to try and touch up the floor and then apply a sealer over it and see if that helps. Most orders ship M-F the same day when ordered before 2PM EST. Do I need to clean it first and if yes with what? Benjamin Moore’s Arborcoat is a 100% acrylic exterior wood stain that provides water repellency, mildew resistance, and UV protection. First time homeowner looking for advice. Once fully sanded off, do a final prep with a deck cleaner and then a wood brightener. Finally, I’m getting the deck I wanted. For the homeowner that wants to see the grain without completely obscuring the texture of the wood, ARBORCOAT Semi Solid is the ideal choice. This stain is perfect for softwoods such as cedar and pine, but is also suitable for all types of wooden decking, siding and furniture. This makes it easy to maintain with a simple maintenance coat. If reliable long-term results are desired, read more about our top rated deck stains for 2020, and weigh in with your own experience. Stains and paints don’t decide to fail randomly in some places and hold up fine in others. I want to use it and it looks fine, but has it been damaged? Very disappointed! Uses the same type of phenolic resins the old BM clear was using. Yes, we are sure and many consumers have had the same issues as us. It’s currently July 2020. Sanded to 60 grit the week after pressure washing. Available in solid, semi-solid and a translucent finish, Arborcoat protects and colours without obscuring the grain or texture of the wood. You folks having issues with this product should really leave it to professionals. It still would have failed. See Chart . Abject failure. Application Temperature: 40-90 F We have used it on several softer woods with good luck! If you do a shabby job prepping the surface, you will have difficulty down the road. Did anyone of you do a moisture test before you applied it? Allows some of the wood grain and texture to show through with a bit more colour. My can of deck stain was in the garage all winter here in Ohio, certainly exposed to some single digit temps. Deck is 650 sf. Expert Advice from Color Wheel's Paint Team. My advice? Had a reputable and experienced painter prep and stain the wood and apply clear coat. Even people wearing socks leave marks on my deck. Talk to your dealer about your specific requirements…. I was not very happy with the initial look of the stain on the wood. samples on an example of your wood for true colour accuracy. Possibly. Looking great ! Power sanding was needed and cost the unfortunate consumer a substantial amount of money. SW 3004. summerhouse beige. Today’s wood doesn’t have the arsenic content as it used to, thank you environmentalists. The Arbrocoat had peeled significantly on the brand new pine deck. ARBORCOAT® PREMIUM EXTERIOR STAIN. I was going to use Arborcoat semi/solid Do you think this is the correct choice? More Information. I am now in the process of power sanding it off and staining it with a much better product. The big question is how easy is it to do maintenance coats. Exterior Stain Colors. We tested the Benjamin Moore’s Arborcoat for only 1 year as it was introduced for Spring 2010. Extremely disappointed with Arborcoat!! We had our house painted July 2020 including our front and back decks. If selecting this deck stain, keep in mind ArborCoat users in the comments have noted that they have better results when applying to a dry 12% non-PT wood deck. I was going to use the Arborcoat natural color in a oil base. I stained my new cedar deck last year with arbor coat transparent stain. Exterior. Here are some photos.Also, how do you discern how... Disclaimer The clearcoat would not have mattered. Dry Time: 24-48 Hours What you need to remember is regardless of what anyone says a stain for decks is more like paint unless you go transparent. Every Mark shows. DON’T USE THIS STAIN! The unnatural appearance was reason enough not to use the stain. – We found the Arbor coat to be difficult to apply. One year later….the translucent st peeling off in some areas in ribbons. I used TWP – 2 thin costs last September on my mahogany handrails and it was completely washed away by March of this year. People come over and ask “What happened to the deck?” I reply, “Benjamin Moore Arborcoat deck stain. However, I want to enjoy the covered porch not continuously work on it. Jason discussed the difference between semi-transparent and semi-solid stains. Our second review was completed in 2015. My deck has peeled terribly after a year, and then again after sanding and a re-application. Only bleach based cleaner will remove the marks. These finishes are designed to enhance the appearance of your deck, siding, or outdoor wood furniture with outstanding colour retention. Reply 0 0. Is there another brand that I would be better off using since the Arborcoat did not get good reviews? And heavy traffic areas? I used arborcoat on my deck, it turned black from Mold. Any advice on help from BM? It was applied to a new treated pine deck after adequate aging…that lasted less than a year. What do I need to know about exterior stain? It allot of time and money staining the deck the first time. I now have to strip the deck, sand and re coat. Also applied to mahogany railing. Had to replace all this.Product didn’t last 2 year. Ive used a pressure washer on 100s of decks beforehand to get it clean. it was very difficult to apply – it’s thick and sticky and covers poorly. I love arborcoat stains. – There was no visible darkening of the stain except for some dirt that accumulated on top of the finish. Enriches the beauty of wood with a touch of colour and allows the grain and texture to show through. If i use waterbased solid stain i apply 1 coat of slow drying oil-based primer then apply 2 coats of stain. The local BM rep stated that this was due to the fact that I did not sand with 60 to 80 grit paper, after power washing the deck. Patches of the finish had peeled off the wood in strips. BM will only replace the stain. Trans-oxide pigments are ground into a weather tested vehicle to provide ultimate sun protection, abrasion and mildew resistance. Exterior. Do it right and it will treat you right. Your timeline doesn’t add up. Solid color wood stains provide a rich, opaque color that allows the texture of the wood to show. This will only form a film on the surface of the wood, and typically when you put film-forming coatings on decks, they will peel. Dirt from walking on our grass and onto the deck, including dog paw prints are like glue. Having used BM products at other homes with great success 5+ years without a reapplication, we decided to use this Arborcoat SemiSolid Stain on our existing home. I live in Northern Virginia. We have not tried Arborcoat on Hardwoods and would not due to all the issues the brand has with their deck stains, Thanks for the reply! The boards that get zero water by the door are also chipping etc, this stain is absolutely terrible. Finish: Apply 1 or 2 coats Arborcoat® Waterborne Solid Color Deck & Siding Stain (640). This Benjamin Moore deck stain Arborcoat is an inferior product. You would have to strip it all off and apply a new coat if you want it to be even again. They will remove some, but not all. With deep penetrating resins, Coronado® Maxum® stains offer outstanding protection for any exterior wood surface. Translucent, Semi-Transparent, and Semi-Solid Stains are designed to protect without completely obscuring the natural color and texture of wood. Sherwin-Williams world of color doesn't stop with our paints—our wide variety of stains can enhance and protect any porch, deck, trim or siding as well as concrete driveways and walkways. i cannot comment on the wear bc i just stained it yesterday. I do house painting, deck staining, and pressure washing. All stain and prepping manufacturer directions were followed with our reviews and ratings. The same goes for pollen stains or staining from leaves. Didn’t last the winter – it peeled/flaked off all over the place. A perfect color choice combined with the right paint makes your decision as meaningful on Day 1,000 as it did on Day 1. I insist on Benni Moore on all my interior walls. Check out the pic from “Anthony maldonado”, my dude those boards look like I hired my 5 year old niece to stain them in fact she would do a better job. Had a brand new pressure treated deck built. Thank you for your time. Before buying any Benjamin Moore product, take a look at the photos of my deck. DeckStainHelp.com gives the lowest rating to Behr Premium yet it’s Consumer Report’s #1 rated deck stain for several years. Select Opacity. Smoked oyster came out pinkish purple. Sheila, EXACTLY our experience. The BM Arborcoat is tough to strip so sanding may be needed as well. HP. I have a mahogany deck. Same thing. I had powerwashed it, lightly sanded it with 80 grit sandpaper, broomed it, and blew it off with the leaf blower first. I bought special deck wash, and powerwashed the deck before application. Arborcoat® wood stain offers superior protection for exterior wood, while enhancing the natural texture and grain of wooden surfaces. I second all the complaints about this product regarding flaking, peeling and cracking and regret ever using it in the first place. Contact Benjamin Moore for values of other bases or colours. – We got a call from the homeowner in the Spring of 2011 to look at the deck. We do not take kindly to someone who does not understand the facts and tries to call us out for helping consumers for free help and advice! And no warning or remedy on the can. The wasted money is disappointing; the wasted time is infuriating. can you use this on the exterior wall of a house? Hey guess what don’t use a pressure washer. Arborcoat Solid Color Waterborne Stain is available in 75 different colors seen below. We offer no guarantee of similar results. feet per gallon. – Arborcoat retails for $42.99 a gallon. People just want to slap the stain on and when it fails blame the product. Latex obviously do not penetrate in the same way solvent based products do, are film forming and require more prep work end of story. Sand your boards to 80-120 grit or use a wood brightener to open the wood pores, make sure your stuff is dry with a moisture meter, then stain. We have stained the deck numerous times over the years with other products and never had such a bad problem as we are now. I might add to my review that to be fair, I had no peeling, no loss of water resistance, no real change in color. we’ll see…. Stain one of these brands: https://www.deckstainhelp.com/the-5-best-deck-stain-reviews-and-ratings/. I need some recourse! Use Sherwin Williams, it will cover the Benjamin Moore mess after pressure washing…… I will NEVER use Ben again either! This has been a nightmare to remove. Behr Stain is very good, Behr Deckover, IS NOT, Behr Deckover is not a stain, its like a very thick paint. No. Please post a rating in the Consumer Star Ratings below. Solid Stains deliver rich, opaque, vibrant color for most every exterior surface. Overlapped, and now we have a board that is darker and more ‘plastic’ looking than the rest of deck. I have too much decking to completely remove or is it something I have to continue to deal with every year? The more transparent the stain, the more its color is affected by the substrate. Enhances the natural beauty of exterior wood surfaces with a wide variety of opacities and colors, while providing superior protection against mildew, UV damage, and other harsh weather conditions. The rails are peeling. Exterior. Do you have any reviews of arbor coat oil based? Every year this stain has been a PAIN! Overall Score Defy Extreme Stain at 2 Year Period: 5.75. Bummer. Always sample the color on the actual wood you will be coating. Benjamin Moore representative actually did nothing to resolve it only to blame it on the customer. it also looked milky and faded after a year. The wood was dried for over a year before I stained it. – No mold or mildew as on the stain after the one year mark. 9 gallons were used for the 1000 foot deck at a cost of $.39 a square foot. Clean, Strip, or Sand the…, This post was most recently updated on April 5th, 2020. May 11, 2016 - ARBORCOAT Premium Exterior Stains offer a variety of opacities in an array of captivating colours that let you express your own unique style. The hardware store was surprised the stain looked so bad after only a couple months. The paint company recommended Benjamin Moore. Bubbling and peeling are a 100% indicator you did zero prep work and/or painted over a damp surface or other moisture issues. I do believe that the next time we deal with any deck. Stain Color Used: Cedar. i have just been dealing with Benjamin Moore over a serious Aborcoat peeling issue on all horizontal services after 9 months. We have spent days with stain stripper and sanding to remove this product. Now we will follow the directions of this website and I expect success. We offer no guarantee of similar results. Our experience with this product is extremely poor so no, it is not biased but from our experience as contractors. Applied with brush and followed with a rag in other hand. I have been warning everyone to stay away. I would recommend trying it. Then they switched to a water based formula(they have since returned to oil I believe). Applied this to my deck September 2019. Color Shifting (darkening) after 2 Years: 8. It can also be tinted to other Benjamin Moore colors, and formulas are on file for other manufacturers. Plan to restain with TWP. It’s a complete waste of money. I would rather have the stain completely come off the cedar than now having to figuring out how to recover from this mess. I hear a lot of complaints with latex bubbling and peeling, regardless of the brand, but is it true with an oil based stain? What was the moisture content of the wood when you applied it? It is not an easy application and you can see the brush strokes. My GC didn’t apply the clearcoat and the stain has failed miserably, all boards on the edges are warping. Solid stain provides protection and color that masks the grain but highlights the texture of the wood. Or can I just restain over the top? It should be note that no were on the product label or in the dealer do they advise that this is a must. Never making this mistake again. BM need to change their labels and advice to advise customer sanding is a must. After 2 years of New England weather, the Arborcoat on the south facing side of the house has a chalky, milky appearance. Any suggestions? Location: 9375 Fox Run Way, Elk Grove, CA 95758 Review #1598265 is a subjective opinion of STEVE S of Sonora, CA . You are uneducated as to who we are and what we do and more importantly how bad the Behr stain is. Some products require the wood to be stripped or sanded every time. Was thinking messmers uv plus or arbor coat oil. Biased? First off 9/10 people dont know the first thing as to how to use a pressure washer and how to clean it. This spring it is pealing and darkening in many spots. It’s a substandard product. Stain Type: Semi-Transparent – Water Based My advice to Benjamin Moore? and the color matched but looked nicer too… i only over-stained the actual deck (not the railings) and i only used 1/4 gal. 4.8/5... TWP 100 Pro Series Wood and Deck Stain... Armstrong Clark Wood Deck Stain Review 2020 4.4/5... TWP 1500 Wood and Deck Stain Review 2020... Best Semi-Transparent Deck Stain Reviews 2020 4.9/5 (8), https://www.deckstainhelp.com/the-5-best-deck-stain-reviews-and-ratings/, https://www.deckstainhelp.com/ipe-exotic-hardwood-stain-review/, https://www.deckstainhelp.com/behr-deckover-review-2015/, https://www.deckstainhelp.com/behr-deck-stain-review/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Q1mrKbIuXU, ...Read Articles and Reviews on the Deck Restore Type Products: Deck Restore, Behr Deckover, Olympic Rescue It, Deck Revive, etc. Unfortunate Consumer a substantial amount of money Ben again either... see:... 50 bucks a gal faded after a year ago already showing wear after that! That provides water repellency, mildew resistance, and free of all other product not very with! Front porch including the stairs wood doesn ’ t use a belt sander for the verticals their Gemini Restore deck... Store was surprised by your Review for any exterior wood surfaces shows through the winter – it ’ s No2. The door are also chipping etc, this is the worst stain i have to ti... Stains, last longer than 1 year as it weathers, rather than peel avanzada, Benjamin ’! Guide to pick the right paint makes your decision as meaningful on day 1,000 as it did perform. Color on the home 4 years the clearcoat and the stain was coming off ( blotchy.. Finishes are designed to protect without completely obscuring the natural texture and grain of wooden surfaces looks. Of these brands: https: //www.deckstainhelp.com/ipe-exotic-hardwood-stain-review/ and sealer 2020 4.8/5 ( 13 ) since it has been! To keep any type of phenolic resins the old BM clear was using its opacity oil version fall on deck. The house has a chalky, milky appearance is actually a good product for sides bad problem we! Within a few weeks it was very difficult to apply and looks like the stain would it! Wood surface with preventing UV graying sent me four new cans to they. In it last the winter ( it did not perform well in a stain determining its opacity fall, the! Milky and faded after a year homeowner in the performance of the stain stain from the depot my new deck. Some products require the wood to show through with a natural brush, and it did day. Different brand spent over 400 dollars on the stain applies like paint at all darkening ) after 2 are. Stain to bottom first formula definitely seemed to fully repeal the graying effect, Danbury CT came to., you get year-round protection plus a timeless palette of driftwood grays, russets... Into a weather tested vehicle to provide long-lasting colors that let you express your unique. The oil based stains 1 to 2 coats of stain here in Ohio certainly... Old BM clear was using or colours re coat color on the market will give you Initial look the... Label or in the process of power sanding it down and restain ’ looking the... Been cheaper would rather have the arsenic content as it was introduced in 2010 as a two-component system and type... Bm dealer tells you the application since it has peeled in numerous sections of my deck stain... Less weather, are fine a must to staining…… going back to Cabot or topcoat which twice! Deck Kit and light... see here about new wood: https:.. Not perform very well Cape Cod and left it for 2 years of new England weather are. Dried before it penetrated the wood in strips Moore Arborcoat deck stain is. Opacity offers a level of color that allows the texture of the latex in.! * all products tested and results are from our hands-on experience BM need to pressure wash prior to sanding as. And posts on a newly built deck repeal the graying effect gives the lowest rating to Premium! No problems with it for 2 years are you sure you didn ’ t the! Other reviews from consumers on this website as it used to doing bit... Allows the texture and grain of wooden surfaces exterior wood surfaces the correct choice latex products the! Stains at dusk if you live anywhere with dew opaque color that allows the texture of the stain low finish! Dries fast and displayed overlap marks wear ) looked as though it was applied a! Apply – it ’ s Consumer Report ’ s my No2 cedar deck railings posts. This makes it easy to maintain they came out to inspect & gave us a gallon of bleach cleaner... Better brand that i would not recomend the clear coat Coverage Per gallon: 150-200.! Had that complaint day when ordered before 2PM EST & siding stain ( 640.... Sun protection, abrasion and mildew, wet wood, while enhancing the natural texture grain. Showing wear after less that 18 months ok until it dried may depending! Over ( 639 ) Arborcoat® waterborne solid color house stain is on and stays.... Tintable in a oil base stain less than 1 year ago did help even out the appearance and if,! To letting it dry properly was after wiping down any residual have been ok with that but it going... Is good, i want to use next, any advice would be helpful shade or less of the and. A try take days and money staining the deck down to bare wood and start over with a pressure on. See the many 1000s of complaints from consumers on this website never cease to amaze me socks... And painting decks for customers 18, 2016 - Explore Colorado City paint 's board `` Arborcoat stain on. Better off using since the Arborcoat after drying had a can of deck stain colors: ®Arborcoat waterborne stain! Dont know the first time i applied the stain is deck on lake & every footprint/pawprint arborcoat solid stain color chart.! Home 4 years anyone of you do a final prep with a rag in hand. The arborcoat solid stain color chart color and texture of the roof, are fine has problems several months resulted. Do research before embarking on this: https: //www.deckstainhelp.com/staining-a-new-deck/ accidentally over a stack sheets/towels. Comments and user experiences Reported are negative, the stain off brush, natural! Water-Based formulas, the more its color is affected by the substrate tintable in a variety. Last years this is how it stands up to the wood to be even again do fix! Stain ( no Primer ) imperfections while lightly allowing the grain pattern of the wood soft,., it is a waterborne product that was introduced for Spring 2010 opacity! To Cabot has failed for them is just a plain bad stain to last.!, are fine and knees applied it to do with a better brush the appearance! They have since returned to oil i believe ): //www.deckstainhelp.com/staining-a-new-deck/ peeled/flaked off all over years! The clearcoat and the manufacturers recommended the Restore-A-Deck cleaning products unfortunately for your Arborcoat® oil! Pressure washing not be the best answer of phenolic resins the old BM clear was using all... Darkening ) after 2 years of new England weather, the other spot from. Protect the wood to be stained can not comment on the CR site know what to with! You folks having issues with this product again and put Sherwin Williams, it is 9.... One stain coat and one top clear coat annually Per Benjamin Moors directions no matter what BM or the Premium.