Stainless steel products look beautiful in a kitchen. The great thing about using ammonia for cleaning stove top grates is that it works REALLY well, and requires absolutely no scrubbing! Let it rest in that position for at least half an hour. Allow the solution to sit for up to 15 minutes, then wipe down with paper towels. If the burn marks do not come out with vinegar and oil, then you can use baking soda paste for more stubborn stains. You might have to rinse the pads from time to time. Cooktops in stainless steel are often touted for their good looks and ease of cleaning. It can be purchased from G.E.Parts Center 1-800-626-2002. A kettle is the container used to boil water on the stove to make the tea, which is then poured into a teapot to be served. I would try some of the products for taking off grrease first. Keeping a clean stainless steel gas stove top is important to your stove's life and well-being. We tested the top ways to clean with food, with surprising results. Anybody who would mind spending a huge amount once again on a stove will surely never take a chance with its upkeep. Keep on Reading…. Step 1. The smell will often dissipate, but the reminder of burnt on food is much more difficult to get rid of. Apply the polish, wiping in the direction of the grain, using a lint-free cloth. This can damage the finish of the stainless steel. Below are four of my favorites: Baking Soda Scrub – For mild burn marks, sprinkle baking soda into the dampened pan and scrub with a sponge then wash with soap and hot water; Vinegar Boil – For more serious burn marks, start by filling your burnt pan or pot with vinegar and bring to a boil. Shake to mix and spray directly on the stovetop. My mother-in-law has almost the same unit and hers is spotless. This may be enough to remove most stains. Thanks to the durability of stainless steel, maintenance should not be too difficult if it is done daily. Leave it for 10 minutes on stove then wait for it to get cool. As I already mentioned, you should never use steel wool sponges on stainless steel pans. You may use a razor blade scraper to remove burnt sugar from the glass top stove. Check out Heinz White Vinegar Distilled at Amazon Heat the water and baking soda to boiling. How to Clean a Burnt Milk Stain This post may contain affiliate links. Stainless steel is not actually stainless. Easy - Off Oven clean in a red can, gets burnt everything ogg the top of our SS stove top. The top surface is totally scratched up and knicked from my cleaning attempts with brushes, sponges, blades, etc. Nearly any shiny metal surface in your kitchen can get a refresh with this stainless steel cleaner from 3M, as it works on aluminum and chrome as well. Baking soda is used for baking but still, it is quite useful for cleaning the burnt stainless steel frying pans. This way you can work with enough friction without including any aggressive abrasives to cause danger. Clean frequently with vinegar and oil to avoid stains building up. Wipe the baking soda off with a clean damp rag, then dry the stove with a soft dishcloth. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Use a few drops of food-grade lemon oil to get rid of any lingering bad smell. The acid in the tomatoes can sometimes loosen the burnt part. You also want to avoid using chlorine bleach or any cleaning product that contains chloride. Related Cleaning Articles. You can clean burnt stainless-steel stove top marks without spending big amounts on expensive cleaning products. Wipe with a damp cloth the baking soda paste. (02/21/2005) Burnt Sugar on a Smooth Top Stove. I don't really care about that at this point. Smooth Stove Top Cleaning. If any grease remains, moisten a soft cloth with baby oil. The great thing about using soap and hot water to clean up your stove tops is it is safe to use on just about everything, including stainless steel. Also, you can use an old toothbrush instead of the nylon thing. And it includes the stainless-steel stove too. Like any appliance, the easiest way to keep it clean is to clean up any mess as soon as it happens. Another mind-blowing recipe including oil and vinegar can get burn marks off a stainless steel stove for you easily. You can combine baking soda with a gentle liquid soap. And so, below we are prioritizing solutions that are meant for just cleaning, not worsening the situation even more…. If the oil seems to be not coming off, you can use a little bit of liquid soap for giving it another wiping session. How to Clean a Ceramic Stove Top; How to Remove Scratches from a Black Ceramic Stove Top Because one of the items available at your home (or easily purchasable) can do wonders at getting rid of these nasty marks. If you need to clean a teapot, use the guide How to Clean the Inside of a Stainless Steel Teapot. Rinse off the soap and towel dry to avoid leaving water marks or streaks. (02/19/2005) By Linda. Your stainless steel stove can be restored easily to its streak-free, sparkly shine. Add a cup of vinegar to the water and bring it to the boil on the stove. Make sure to … Some stainless steel appliances have a clear-coat finish. Make sure you use a microfiber cloth for gently wiping this mixture made of oil and vinegar on the surface with burnt marks. Still, we often forget to take care of it as much as we would like to. Lemon oil leaves your kitchen with a lingering fresh scent. "It is similar to a razor blade, but not as sharp so as not to scratch the surface. 4. A pot that bubbles over or a stir-fry that ends up outside the pan can quickly bake onto your gas stovetop surface, resulting in a hardened, burned-on mess. Gently wipe the stainless steel cooktop in the direction of its grain. However, with a stainless-steel cooktop, there’s a definite need to keep it clean for maintaining that sound appearance we are talking about. Once it is cool, wash the pan like normal.