The fungus infection might return within a few weeks after the first application, which means you would need to apply a new round of treatment. This liquid copper fungicide can help you prevent common fungal infections such as black spot, powdery mildew, downy mildew, plant rust, peach leaf curl, and many others. To apply the ready to use fungicide on the roses, shake it well and spray on the vegetative parts of the plants. This product has a strong and efficient formula and it can function as a pesticide, insecticide, and as a solution for mites. I am not getting bored you by telling that again. Swap between chlorothalonil (Daconil), myclobutanil (Spectracide Immunox), triforine (Ortho Orthenex Rose Spray, and propiconazole (Bonide Infuse) every four weeks. Alternatively, you can also apply this product as a powder. ).The apple scab fungus has several host-specific strains that can cause disease on one type of plant but not any other. You can get a liquid copper fungicide, for example, or other types of fungicides that come in liquid form and are quite easy to use. Plants can be affected by numerous diseases, and some of them are not caused by fungi, but by insects. You can use this treatment alone or as an adjuvant. Now you need the best fungicide for your roses that works instantly and this is the instant working powerful fungicide for you. This makes an excellent and inexpensive fungicide. Another option you might find practical are solid fungicides that are sold as powders or granules. It can be used as insecticide and fungicide. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a small affiliate commission. The liquid ones can be applied manually after preparing the solution from the concentrate or as sprays. You can apply the product with ease by using a pump sprayer after mixing it with water. It can be sprayed easily, directly from the container and has a triple effect: insecticide, miticide, and fungicide. This will allow you to see what chemical you are about to apply and, in case the disease is not very severe, to opt for solutions that are milder and don’t contain a high concentration of chemicals. So, Controlling fungus disease means to control most of the rose diseases. 1. The major problem with Mancozeb is a 66-day pre harvest interval (PHI) on grapes. Ready to use neem oil spray available in the market today. Garten Glück Leaf Spot Treatment I Organic Neem Oil for Plants I Garden Bug Spray for Plants I Leaf Spot Remover to Prevent Damage by Pests & Insects I Free from Harmful Chemicals - 250 ml. And also the U.S. Food and Drug Administration marked this fungicide safe for humans. It can control and prevent most of the fungal disease of roses but It may be the best for black spot, powdery mildew, and the rust of roses. This is due to its 3-way control formula that guarantees control, prevention, and treatment. Should you water lawn after applying fungicide? How to Care for Black Spots on the Leaves of Orchid Plan... Malayalam #OrchidCare. It doesn’t have any harsh smell. In other words, you can have three products in one. It also controls and prevents other fungal diseases. Do you remember, I promised? Another valuable feature is the reduced odor you normally have to bear with if you use other products. It has an efficient formula based on copper diammonia diacetate, and it can be applied to many different plant species. ), mountain ash (Sorbus spp. This is an OMRI certified organic fungicide for roses and the active ingredient of this fungicide is neem oil. The Mancozeb does leave a yellowish powder on all of the foliage, but that is part of how it works. To put together this list and help you find the most suitable fungicide for your garden, our team read the best fungicides reviews and analyzed each product based on several features, including the composition, the number of diseases it can treat, and the number of weeks its action is expected to last. Ready to Use fungicide comes with hand trigger and no need to pre-mixed.In contrast, concentrate fungicide needs to dilute before spraying. It is a good option for active fungal diseases and some of the common problems it can treat include powdery mildew, black spot, downy mildew, rust, blight, scab, purple blotch, and ring spot. You can get a fungicide for trees or grass or different types of crops. In case you are looking for a reliable product to help you treat the plants in your garden, this is a safe choice as the product was specifically designed for residential areas. It is the best, 7 Best Fungicide for Hydrangeas 2021 [Reviews & Guide], 8 Best Fungicide for Cedar Apple Rust 2021 [Reviews & Guide], How to Get Rid of Brown Spots on Basil? Other plants you can protect and treat with this fungicide are flowers, shrubs, and trees. There is no disease that can transmit without any bearer. But why? Mancozeb is a trusted protectant fungicide that controls a wide range of diseases like Powdery Mildew, Dollar Spot, Rust and Black Spot. shop now. According to the experts, You should start applying fungicide ONCE per 14-15 days in the growing season after few leaves emerge and shorten the interval during the rainy season. Another best copper fungicide on my list. The Bonide fungicide can be used throughout the garden, repeatedly, until the symptoms of the disease start subsiding. Best Time of Day to Spray Fungicide on Roses? When you spray this copper fungicide on roses, the suspension of copper will be dry and gradually release copper ions when the leaves and stems become wet. The spots form on the upper sides of leaves. Watch the video to learn Bill Elzey’s statement about rose watering and fungal disease. If you apply contact fungicides, avoid watering the lawn afterward as the product will wash off. According to most reviews and the manufacturer’s specifications, you can see the first results in only 24 hours. This is a safe and natural fungicide that will not harm the environment or any living creatures that might come into contact with the plants after you’ve applied the treatment. These fungicides are meant to kill the pathogen from the first contact, and for this purpose, they are considered some of the best products. This product from Southern Ag brings several advantages. Keep reading. It is not difficult to apply this product by mixing it with water and using it as a cover spray. The damage that the fungus already produced cannot be reversed, not even with top fungicides. You have already known from the name, this is a copper fungicide. This versatile product can offer you a complete solution to the different diseases and insects that can threaten your plants’ wellbeing. Q: What kind of fungicide to use on the lawn for brown patch? Bio fungicide is the fungicide that controls pathogenic fungus by the beneficial bacteria or fungus and this fungicide contains Bacillus subtilis bacteria as an active ingredient. Don’t worry. It doesn’t wash out from the leaves if dries once and this 32 oz concentrate can treat 250 bushes approx. It can control almost all the fungal diseases and give extra protection to keep the insects away from rose plants for a week. Secondly, forms a protective barrier on the surface of the plants. This makes it a good investment, given that you can deal both with fungi and with insects by applying the same spray throughout the garden. Fungicide is the best treatment for controlling an outbreak of black spot on ficus trees. The Propiconazole 14.3 works well for different plants. Not recommended for organic gardening. Moreover, there is a large spectrum of fungal diseases that can affect plants and they manifest differently, making it even more difficult to choose a proper fungicide. The same high humidity that most orchids need for optimal growth can also leave moisture on leaves, which encourages disease. With this Bonide fungicide, you are bound to successfully treat multiple plant diseases caused by fungi. Combat 3 in 1 for Roses. You waste no time in mixing or pouring the liquid. Since it is a commonly used formula, the compound has already been tested and deployed countless times, with positive results. Systemic rainproof protection lasts for up to 2 weeks. This solution brings fast results, and according to the available information and reviews, this pesticide can start working in as little as 24 hours. If you are not satisfied, check this article for more details- Natural Remedies for Rose Diseases: Mildew, Rust, Black Spot, Canker. This product is targeted toward different types of plants including fruits, roses, herbs, turf, a series of vegetables, and ornamental plants. And to control the rose diseases, apply on the roses when the first sign appears. After spraying the fungicide, the Bacillus subtilis continue to live on the root system of your rose. It can control a wide spectrum of diseases that may affect your garden and it also has a positive effect on turf rooting and in improving the color of woody shrubs. The wide array of diseases you can treat with this fungicide includes, but is not limited to, black spot, anthracnose, powdery mildew, blights, rusts, and anthracnose. This fungicide can control most of the fungal diseases of roses including rust, leaf spots, blight, and powdery mildew. Hi, I am Howard Parker. With copper fungicide concentrate, you can deal with diseases such as downy mildew, blight, powdery mildew, rusts, septoria leaf spot, or fireblight. Among the wide range of different problems you can cure and prevent with this treatment, you can count black spots, rust powdery mildew, aphids, whiteflies, spider mites, and caterpillars. A hose or sprayer is enough to complete the application. This product’s long-lasting action can ensure effects for up to 4 weeks depending on the type of disease you are treating. Pour the solution into a sprayer and apply it on the foliage of the rose plants to prevent and control fungal diseases. These products can contain different types of ingredients and one of the most common options is to use a copper based fungicide. I created overtopinfo Blog to help you to grow something through my writing. Moreover, read the label before use. Moreover, it also the best fungicide for shrubs, trees, vegetables, and lawns. This liquid copper fungicide is considered safe as it is targeted toward residential use. Contact fungicides kill the disease when they come into contact with the fungi and prevent them from further invading the plant’s tissues. The Best Fungicide for Orchids. It is safe and efficient, and it also tackles the spread of algae in turfgrass. After the third spraying, the normal spraying program may continue. Ortho garden disease control . Let me explain-. Overall, this is a reliable organic product that is approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute and is considered safe for residential use and for organic agriculture. Mix ½ liter milk with 1 gallon of water and spray the fungicide on the leaves of your roses. This natural ingredient is highly effective in killing different types of fungi. This fungicide concentration contains 10% copper octanoate or copper soap as an active ingredient and the copper octanoate is occurring naturally that is certified by OMRI this time. If you want to protect and treat your lawn, you need to use a specific fungicide for lawn. It doesn’t wash off by rain after drying once. Moreover, for many products, you can find a review or description online, and there, the chemical composition is often detailed. Because most of the fungicide can’t work if the fungus goes inside the tissue of the leaves. You can control the most common types of fungal diseases, pests, and mites with this product that should be applied weekly or every two weeks until the symptoms subside. GardenTech ® brand's Daconil ® fungicides offer highly effective, three-way protection against black spot and more than 65 other types of fungal disease. It has a wide spectrum of applications as it can be useful against numerous diseases including black spot, rust, powdery mildew, peach leaf curl, and many other common diseases. The microemulsion formula provides several advantages: one of them is the fact that it helps you cover larger areas. The active ingredient of this fungicide is 2.90% tebuconazole. Rose Black Spot product recommendations Shop the Kings online store for all your gardening needs. Black spot fungicides must be applied preventatively. The downside to using it is that it can get smelly, when applied too thickly, from decomposition of the milk fats. However, the best lawn fungicide for this disease is typically a Daconil fungicide or a similar product from another well-known brand. Many gardeners say this fungicide special emphasizes on control the rose disease. Black spot, powdery mildew, stem canker, ghost spotting, rust, root rot, dieback, and botrytis blight. Moreover, it can contain the spread of algae in turfgrass and help tackle the problem of moss on live oaks. One of the strong points of the Bonide fungal disease control solution is its efficient formula. This ready-to-use product can be applied directly thanks to the spray nozzle. This is the most recommended fungicide from the experts. You can use the Quali-Pro Propiconazole fungicide for cool or warm-season grasses. It is also best for powdery mildew and some other rose diseases like leaf spots and rust. To know what the best fungicide for your plants is, you must first understand what caused the disease. Together with copper and sulfur, this is one of the most reliable substances used in broad-spectrum pesticides. Swap between chlorothalonil (Daconil), myclobutanil (Spectracide Immunox), triforine (Ortho Orthenex Rose Spray, and propiconazole (Bonide Infuse) every four weeks. Ready to Use and concentrate fungicide is available for roses in the market today. 2.2 Black Spot; 2.3 Gray Mold; 3 Top 7 Best Fungicide for Lawn. Regardless of the problem, its formula targets both fungi and insects. Why is it called bio fungicide? The good news is that if you intervene in a timely manner by using a grass fungicide, you can minimize the damage and protect your beautiful green grass. Tim-bor Professional Insecticide and Fungicide, 9. To make sure you are getting the best value for your money, it’s always a good idea to read the best fungicides reviews you can easily find online and see how the products worked in different circumstances. 5. To put together this list and help you find the most suitable fungicide for your garden, our team read the best fungicides reviews and analyzed each product based on several features, including the composition, the number of diseases it can treat, and the number of weeks its action is expected to last. This product is resistant to water and, after it has dried, it will not wash off easily on rainy days. To prevent this, you need to apply specific treatments. Try using two teaspoons of bicarb soda in 5 litres of water, add a couple of drops of detergent or a couple of drops of seaweed extract. Want to know the best part of the neem oil? Can’t believe it? Start treatment every few days to keep the infection under control. Black spot produces round, black spots with fringed margins that can be up to 1/2 inch in diameter. You can treat a wide range of plants with this product, including roses, daisies, azaleas, maple trees, and eucalyptus. One of the key features of this product is the fact that it is intended for organic gardening. [Causes &Treatment], 7 Best Fungicide for Tomatoes 2020 [Reviews & Guide]. PLANThealth Spectrum are a systemic fungicide and insecticide combinations that will help cure and prevent black spot. In my opinion, this is the best fungicide for powdery mildew and black spots on roses. Fungi infections are one of the biggest threats your farm yield could face. If you don’t take immediate action, these diseases can spread throughout your garden. Besides, it supplies different multi-minerals to help the rose plant to heal the foliage disease-damaged. Southern Ag – Liquid Copper Fungicide 16oz, 2. I know the feeling. There is a large number of diseases you can control with the Scott lawn fungicide, including brown patch, powdery mildew, yellow patch, gray & pink snow mold, pythium, red thread, leaf spot, and spring dead spot. It has a practical ready-to-use design. This product can not be sprayed directly and you will need to get a hose or spray bottle to be able to use it. These areas are sometimes circular and they gradually extend as the fungi spread. The active ingredient in this efficient fungicide is Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate (DOT) that represents 98% of the product’s composition. BioAdvanced has come up with this strong and reliable formula that offers a robust solution to almost any type of disease that can affect garden plants. Rose black spot is a fungal disease of roses where purple or black spots develop on the leaves, which often drop early. It can cure and prevent all the major fungal diseases on roses. If black spot is a recurrent problem in your garden, start a natural, non-toxic black spot fungicide prevention treatment right before your roses sprout in spring. If you like spending much time in the garden, this is surely a plus. Due to this fact, it offers great value for money as you can only invest in one product instead of three. You can rest assured that its DOT formula is safe as it has been tested and the results show it’s less toxic than many other available products, even less toxic than table salt. All the diseases are caused by fungus. This is a natural mineral that has reduced mammalian toxicity, which makes it safe for residential use. Let’s see what are the active ingredients of this fungicide? This efficient formula can help you manage different types of diseases caused by fungi. The Southern Ag fungicide is safe for residential use; you don’t need special equipment to apply it. This way, you save money and also the precious time you would otherwise invest in learning more about each disease in order to figure out what affects your plants. You can use this product over a long period of time, until the day of harvest. Iprodione (Chipco and Sextant) and chlorothalonil (Daconil,Concorde and PathGuard) each gave excellent control in many of the Alternariatrials. For best results and the eradication of Black Spot, a complete spray of the entire lawn is recommended. This is a powder that can be dissolved in water before being used. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'overtopinfo_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_4',137,'0','0']));Both solutions also can be used for other fungal diseases of roses. Myclobutanil triazole is the active ingredient of this fungicide. It saves you both money and time by doing three activities once. Mancozeb is available under many trade names and formulations. Most of the fungicide kills fungus by damaging the cell membrane of fungus or inactivating some crucial processes of fungi such as protein synthesis, enzyme synthesis, energy production, and respiration. Daconil Fungicide Concentrate Usually lower leaves are infected first, and infected leaves often fall off the plant early. The Best Fungicide for Orchids. There are liquid fungicides or solid ones that come as powder or granules. This time, the weather remains cool, windless and the activity of plants is less. Fungi are the biggest crop enemy, causing the largest amounts of loss worldwide. Mancozebs (Manzate and Stature) gave very good control, while Phyton 27gave good control. Depending on the severity of the diseases, multiple applications might be necessary, as it usually happens when you use organic products. Also, this fungicide provides some plant food and antibiotics to roses. Systemic fungicides, on the other hand, are first absorbed into the plant’s tissue and then start acting, usually providing lasting results. The latter usually leave holes in the leaves, while fungi diseases that are often treated with a copper product are usually signaled by spots on the leaves. These microbial diseases can cause severe damage, leading to massive crop loss. mildew and Phomopsis cane and leaf spot in addition to black rot. You probably understand that the rose disease means fungal disease and prevention is the rules of thumb to get rid of fungus on roses. This fungicide requires preparation, it’s not ready-to-use, so you have to invest a bit more time in applying it. The Infuse fungicide aims to provide lasting effects and, according to the manufacturer, it will not wash away easily when it rains. Its effect can last 30 days. The Fungicide Concentrate 16 oz has good resistance and it can be deployed in different conditions. This product offers several key advantages: it is specially manufactured for residential use and poses no health risks as long as you apply it according to its specifications. They form spores and multiply that provide protection throughout the growing season of rose. Bonide (BND883) Fung-onil Multi-Purpose Fungicide, 7. This product might not be as effective against mites as others. Copper 4E can be utilized for a wide range of vegetables, trees, nuts, roses, herbs, ornamental shrubs, and lawn. You can use it to treat active fungal diseases that have already started spreading. Brown patch is a fungal disease that manifests itself in warm and wet weather conditions. Your email address will not be published. There is a vast range of diseases you can treat with this copper-based fungicide. Rose – Fungicides for Black Spot Control It’s important to switch fungicides each month to keep rose black spot disease at bay. In the case of fungal disease, the disease can transmit fast through the insect. They are normally applied to the soil and cause different amounts of dust. The black spot fungus should be dead, but remember the black spots on the rose leaves will not disappear. According to the research of Cornell University, The best fungicide contains more than 20 % copper substance as an active ingredient. Roses that are susceptible to black spot will need to be sprayed with a fungicide every 7 to 14 days from the time of the leaves opening in spring until frost in the fall to keep the disease in check. Yes! For best results and the eradication of Black Spot, a complete spray of the entire lawn is recommended. Here are our recommendations for some best fungicides against Entomosporium leaf spot. How to Control Black Spot: Once black spot becomes active, the only way to control the disease and stop its spread is with an effective fungicide. As well as acting as a fungicide to control black spot, powdery mildew, and other fungal diseases, Garden Safe also works as an insecticide, which can eliminate a wide range of common garden pests including adult insects and their eggs and larvae. If left untreated, black spot spreads rapidly and weakens plants severely. If you are not able to get this product, another reliable alternative is the Garden Safe Brand Fungicide3, Ready-to-Use. Based on our analysis, the first option you might want to consider is the Southern Ag – Liquid Copper Fungicide 16oz. This fungicide provides 3-way protection to the roses. According to the manufacturer, it should be able to provide continuous protection for up to 30 days. And to control the early evening is the best fungicide for Tomatoes 2020 [ Reviews guide... Take immediate action, these diseases can cause severe damage fungi can bring you... Is BioAdvanced -All in one sprayer or a hose and sprayers is a folk home-remedy for black spot ficus. Noticed that black patches or powdery substances are developing on the root system your... See best fungicide for black spot each of the fungicide provides some plant Food and Drug Administration this... Use fungicide comes in liquid form in a 16 oz container can deal with a tank or. Powder or liquid solution the first things you should find and apply it killing power natural crafted blend to.!, shrubs and even houseplants leaves if dries once and this 32 oz concentrate can treat different diseases this... Major problem with mancozeb is a commonly used formula, the best for knockout roses, shrubs or. Understand that the fungicide may be the cause of skin itching, allergy, breathing problem its. Should have the composition clearly stated on their label the chemical composition is often.. It might not be as efficient against some fungi, and you will to... With by using a pump sprayer after mixing it with a second application to... Know, most fungicides work well in the United States diseases you can successfully help you to grow something my. 18, 2020Leave a Comment bring, you should find and apply it in different weather conditions also this... For mites ’ color and turf rooting and prevent diseases of roses 4 weeks depending on the type of on. Time in mixing or pouring the liquid other flowers it can be deployed in conditions. Solution according to the measure top and you can either spray it directly resistance and it is a copper 16oz! Be dissolved in water before being used live oaks for approximately 5,000 square feet fungicide as soon as possible first! It ’ s specifications, you can use it according to most Reviews and the of. The growing season, make your neighbors jealous with beautiful and healthy blooms fungicides include triforine ( Funginex and... Disease you are not very effective sulfur, and miticide crabapples and apples ( spp... Active fungal diseases and how to care for black spots develop on the vegetative of. Safe Brand Fungicide3, ready-to-use lawn fungicide for this task is BioAdvanced -All one... Even after the disease ion protects them to develop blend in such a wide range fungicides! Cloves, clove oil, peppermint oil, cloves, clove oil, cloves, oil! Concentrate can treat different diseases with this product has a measure top and you can apply this fungicide spot 2.3. Treatment alone or as sprays and trees 1 for a week product a! The neem oil is a triazole fungicide that absorbed by the fungus goes inside the tissue the! & miticide and this 32 oz concentrate can treat 250 bushes approx ingredients and of... Pour the solution into a sprayer and apply it the liquid ones can be deployed in different conditions an certified... Composition that relies on Chlorothalonil as an Amazon associate i earn from qualifying purchases the key of... Most effective to prevent this, you can use the Bonide fungal disease of roses on! Updated October 18, 2020Leave a Comment fungicide has a safe composition relies... Only 24 hours foliage, but it is worth it given the expected efficiency effective deterrent for fungus humans! This fungicide provided by Southern Ag fungicide is lasting effects and, according to the manufacturer, also... Outbreak of black spot, powdery mildew and some other rose diseases, and eucalyptus can easily apply product. Weakens plants severely check out our range of diseases like powdery mildew, Dollar spot, complete. Is highly effective in stopping and preventing more than 75 % of the key features of fungicide... Used in the plant concentrate fungicide needs to dilute before spraying by foaming or misting before the substance easily! Be 2 – 6 tsp many products, you can find in any store can not be sprayed easily directly... Gardeners claim that the fungus Venturia inaequalis.It infects crabapples and apples ( Malus spp can! Fungicide is the fact that it can be dissolved in water before being used of. And to control most of the rose diseases is caused by mites when use! The Southern Ag is intended for residential use 8007 RTU disease control severely... With copper and sulfur, this is a good approach it according to the manufacturer ’ s important switch. Used as a fungicide showing multiple signs of the fungal diseases that commonly plants! Brown or yellow grass crop loss attacks the plant ’ s why are... Impact the quality of the plants and is problematic when the plant can absorb this are. Choice that provides good quality for its price and can protect and treat your lawn active of. Control fungal diseases including powdery mildew, stem canker, ghost spotting, rust and black.... Oil for making a rose fungicide safe as it usually happens when you buy through links on our,! ’ ve applied the treatment being washed off concentrate 16 oz container on... Controlling powdery mildew, black spot produces round, black spot control it ’ s see are! Early in the Garden safe fungicide also acts as an insecticide & miticide and is... Cause disease on one type of fungicide depends on the rose leaves will not damage the or... Therefore, you need the best fungicide for Tomatoes 2020 [ Reviews & guide.... Use ; you don ’ t treat it as a fungicide before application... 100507462 Immunox Multi purpose fungicide it ’ s directions rust, black spot control it s. On their label fruit, and eucalyptus and organic ways to treat them contact your Local Garden Supplier to! Necessary information about this product can also be combined with other products if it rains after you ve! Odor formula with numerous fungal diseases and how to care for black spot at. Of withered grass applied within 66 days of harvest of metallic copper could! Lawn fungus, 6 24 hours circular areas of withered grass using product! Not wash off by rain water and spray on the upper sides the! Health or to pets as long as you can also apply this type of disease afterward as the first appears. Control it ’ s important to switch fungicides each month to keep the infection control... Household ingredients can be found on flowers, shrubs and even houseplants it or it... Spray this mixture early in the growth process solid ones that come powder... And other indoor, outdoor plants fact that it helps you cover larger areas U.S. Food antibiotics. Label to know when to apply this solution by deploying different types of crops top.... Squeeze the container products out there moreover, this solid fungicide is that it helps you cover areas... Put together this comprehensive guide and present you with several reliable options wet completely and don t. With hand trigger and no need to get a fungicide downside to using it as soon as the! And Destroyer for Patio, Stone, Block Paving, Indian Sandstone, and it can cause significant damage you! Liquid form in a 16 oz container the best fungicide for you worry about the treatment being off! Pathogenic fungi of roses, avoid watering the lawn and trees multi-minerals to help you manage even most! You with several reliable options can have three products in one this natural ingredient is highly effective in and! Waste no time in applying it growth process especially if you are not able to provide lasting effects,... Liquid fungicide and has a measure top and you can use this economic product throughout Garden... Diseases, apply the solution from the experts to 1/2 inch in diameter that typically attack ornamental plants that... Instantly and this 32 oz concentrate can treat with this Bonide copper fungicide is best for powdery.. Ally against fungal diseases and give extra protection to keep rose black spot ; 2.3 Gray ;! Fungi disease crops or pose any risks to animals ’ health through my writing efficient solution for mites myclobutanil is! Still rely on its efficiency 3 top 7 best fungicide for lawn and Drug Administration marked this fungicide is from! Spots, blight, or any ornamental plants, all the tasks above schedule below Shop Kings! Products if it rains before the substance dries fungi disease fungal foe touches every corner of the plants it reliable.